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Perfect Engineering Works is leading manufacturers & exporters of all kinds of Knives & Blades under the well-known brand name PERFECT.




Machine Knives are cutting tools with a vast field of application, that reach from the craftsman's modest workshop to the most upto date and automated industrial plants. Due to great diversity in working condition the proper selection of knives is of paramount importance.


The maximum performance of our Knives and Blades is fully warranted by the fact that the selection of knife steel and as well as the complete manufacturing process of the knife itself is done at our own plant with proper study, using the latest technology and the most sophisticated equipments.


Good quality machine knives are expected to possess the following qualities :

  • Hardness
  • Compression strength
  • Wear resistance
  • Edge retention
  • Shock resistance


Detailed knowledge of these factors along with careful selection of the quality and chemical composition of the tool steel, painstakingly effected heat treatment backed by the expertise of more than 5 decades in knife manufacturing goes a long way in giving a top quality product.


Today engineers and plant people keep a sharp eye on cost and the life of their toolings, comparison between different type of tools has become more essential. The demand for long lasting knife is increasing and that is why our product is fast acquiring a reputation for reliability and high performance under all working conditions.


Leveraging on our flawless product range,we have carved a niche for ourselves in the market.We manufacture complete range of Machine Knives and Blades for all cutting,shearing or slitting applications required by following industries:

Paper &.Pulp, Tissue, Paper Conversion, Plastic, Film, Foil, Packaging, Metal, Rubber, Tyre, Textile, Leather Industries.


Circular Knives:

Slitting Knife and its Holders, Scoring Knives, Paper Core Cutting Knife, Slicing Knife, Burst Cutter, Trimming & Notching Knives, Perforation Wheels, etc.


Knives & Blades for Plastic Industry:

Granulator Blades, Pelletzing Knives and Rotor, Shredder Blades,Cutter Compactor Blades,Film Cutting Blades,etc.


Knives for Paper, Tissue Paper, Paper Conversion &.Printing Industry:

Slitting Knives and its Holders, Sheeter Knives, Paper Core/Tube Cutting Knife, Trim Blower Knife, etc.


Metal Working Blades:

Shearing Blades, Slitting Cutters, Spacers, etc.


Knives for Rubber & Tyre Industry:

Bias Cutting Knife, Bail Cutting Knife, Auto Skiver Knife, Slitting Knife, Tread Cutting Knife, etc.


Industrial Razor Blades:

We offer wide range of razor blades for Industrial use only.


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