Industrial Knives and Blades Manufacturer
An ISO 9001-2008 Company

Metal Working Blades :


  • Guillotine Shearing Blades
  • Sectional Shear Blades
  • Billet Shears
  • Scrap Choppers
  • Slitting Cutters/Knives
  • Precision Spacers

We manufacture all kind of Knives and Blades required for Steel Plants, Rolling Mills, Strip Mills, Tube Mills, Sheet Metal Industries, Fabrication and Forging Plants for every kind of cutting operation for more tonnage between regrinds, greater uniformity, lower costs and higher production. These blades are manufactured using special Alloy steels. 'PERFECT' Shear Blades are specially heat treated for optimum toughness and abrasion resistance to make them highly resistant to damage, impact, vibration, clamping and cutting force.

Rotary slitting knives and spacers are perfectly ground and lapped for parallelism and flatness to yield precise, burr free and clean cutting.