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Probably the one principle cause of knife failure is using dull knives, they must be kept sharp! When dull knives are used, the edge chips off due to increased pressure and then it is necessary to remove a greater amount of stock to produce a sharp edge. This reduces the life of the knife without obtaining maximum cutting efficiency and also increase Power Consumption. All ‘PERFECT’ knives and Blades are ground to close tolerance with no burr, perfect finish and parallelism for obtaining clean and burr free cuts.

When knives are reground at customer’s plant, it should be ensured that :

  • Grinding machine is in good condition
  • A suitable, soft, free cutting grinding wheel and ample flood of coolant is used.
  • Knives are kept free of magnetism to prevent pick up of metal particles on cutting edge.
  • Knives are not over heated and are free from chatter marks for maximum use.


(In heat treated and ground tool steels, cracks develop due to abusive grinding.)

Our engineers are always ready to solve your problem in regrinding of knives.

Send your knives to Perfect Engineering Works for resharpening regardless of make. This service is made available on the same equipment that produces new blades, performs regrinding and refinishing with ‘factory-new’ accuracy.

We also undertake resharpening of Tunsten Carbide and Ceramic Knives



Customers often need a slight or major modification in a blade design. Our team of designers can complete this task successfully and to the customers' complete satisfaction.


Our teams of engineers consists of experts in knife technology and are available to the customers for developments and solve any of their Cutting, Shearing or Slitting problems.