Industrial Knives and Blades Manufacturer
An ISO 9001-2008 Company

Knives & Blades for Plastic Industry :


  • Granulator Blades
  • Pelletizing Knives: Rotary/Fixed Blades Die Face Cutting Knife Strand Pelletizer Rotor & Bed Knife
  • Blades for Shredder
  • Blades for Cutter Compactor
  • Film Cutting Blades (Toothed/Scissor)
  • Circular Knives


We manufacture complete range of knives and Blades for plastic Industries; for granulating, pelletzing and cutting of: Plastics,Films,Vinyl's,Nylon,Compounds,Masterbatches,Copolymers and Man-Made fibre.


The knives for these applications are manufactured from most suitable tool-steel and a very specialized heat treatment is carried out keeping in view the heavy stresses and the shocks that such knives are subjected to, while in operation. These knives retain an extremely keen cutting edge under severest operating conditions for long run and stand against foreign material without nicking or breaking.


The performance of our Blades fully confirms our assertion that our blades provide long trouble free service under all cutting conditions.