Industrial Knives and Blades Manufacturer
An ISO 9001:2015 Co.


This motto is first and foremost in the manufacturing of 'PERFECT' Industrial knives. To ensure quality of our product we have adopted and our following international quality management system ISO 9001:2008.

An issue of utmost importance is the strict quality methods in the selection of the right type of steels followed by mechanical and metallurgical control on incoming material, controlled intermediate quality checks at various stages of manufacturing cycle, hardness and structural control to ensure that only the best produced is dispatched. Each knife undergoes stage inspection and pre-dispatch inspection before it leaves our works.

Zero defect technology is the keyword of our success.

Strict control is maintained on the following quality parameters:

PHYSICAL : Overall Dimension, Geometry, Parallelism, Flatness and Surface finish..

METALLURGICAL : Material chemical composition, Grain size, Inclusion rating, Hardness, Microstructure and Crack detection.

Quality has no substitute

200x Photomicrograph of 'PERFECT' knife


Perfect Engineering Works guantees that all PERFECT machine knives pass through stringent quality control during production and further guarntees PERFECT knives for better workmanship and satisfactory performance.