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Life of Knife

It is very difficult to quantify life of a knife, comparison is possible.

Today engineers and plant people keep a sharp eye on cost and the life of their tooling, comparison between different types of tools has become more essential. The demand for long lasting knife is increasing and that is why our product is fast acquiring a reputation for reliability and high performance under all working conditions.


Perfect Engineering Works guarantee that all PERFECT machine knives pass through stringent quality control during production, better workmanship and satisfactory performance.

We guarantee replacement against any manufacturing defect.


Depend on the type of knife required.

We maintain stocks of commonly used Standard Knives; others are made as per order within specified delivery period.

Material of Construction:

M.O.C. Of knife is to be specified by our customer else we select it as per the cutting application.

Hammering Marks on Blade/Knife Surface:

These are straightening marks, part of Knife manufacturing process. Cannot be eliminated for manufacturing perfectly Flat and Straight Knives/Blades.